Accounts and Logins

Can I change my Qoodly Password
Yes. Once you register with Qoodly, you will receive a username and a password as your login details to get access to to Qoodly Awesomeness. 
For some reasons, you may forget or wish to create a new password. It is possible. Simply Choose Preferences on your dashboard and then insert a new password under Change password option.
If you lost your password, Simply click forgot password from the Login page and then insert your email that you used to register. Qoodly will automatically send you an email with a link to help you create a new password!

Billing and Payments

Which payment options are accepted?
We accept Visa cards and Master cards and also accept Paypal for subscriptions.
For Pay as you go top ups, we accept EFT, Bank deposit and Mobile money in Selectd countries too as well. For Bank deposits, Please use your Account name as reference [Username]